TaskSewa Latest Review
TaskSewa Review: : Everything You Need To Know About TaskSewa.com  | Legit or Scam?.

TaskSewa Review: Everything You Need To Know 

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 I just want to tell you that you made the right decision coming here first before venturing on this online platform. because it won’t do me any good to hide the information I’m about to give you now.

Trust me not to disappoint you at all as I will cover a lot of aspects concerning TaskSewa. So you want to know more about TaskSewa, Such as Why TaskSewa is not giving Withdrawal?When TaskSewa Site Gives Withdrawal? Ways to contact TaskSewa Site?, Email of TaskSewa Website?, the green flags before joining the platform, how much do I need to start investing on Afriq TaskSewa?, the Red Flag before joining the platform, if TaskSewa is legit or scam, is TaskSewa paying?, TaskSewa packages or plans, the owner of TaskSewa?, how to make money on TaskSewa no and so much more.

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Dear esteemed and valuable visitor, I am glad you are here and you have come to the right place. trust us to never leave you Unsatisfied and indecisive. Now the main reason why you are here, and that is no more about TaskSewa. Especially, the main question of if the platform is legit or scam. trust me when I say I’ve got you totally covered.


TaskSewa Review: : Everything You Need To Know About TaskSewa.com  | Legit or Scam?.


Please make sure not to skip any part of the sentence in this TaskSewa Review , every single part of this article is very vital to help you make a decision on whether you should invest with them or not. so if you skip a part to skip the whole thing. Now let’s get into why we are here immediately….

OVERVIEW ON TaskSewa | TaskSewa Review

DATE CREATED: 2022-03-24




SITE LINK: https://afriqjmarbitrage.us/

About TaskSewa Site?

TaskSewa is a platform majorly for freelancers. just like upwork, freelancer.com and the others.  This platform enables freelancers around Nepal to get jobs online.  So if you have any task or business proposal you can upload it on TaskSewa and you’ll be connected with freelancers who are ready to work with you.  So all you have to do is get your smartphone and be ready to work. 

You can see offers like, Get rare and quality photos of living rooms on the internet and turn them into a PDF or offers like get pictures of bags and put them into a shopping format picture.  Even if you feel like you cannot do it, you can watch YouTube videos and you’ll be enlightened on how to do it.  most of this business people are always busy and they will like people to actually help them manage their social media accounts and TaskSewa is the right place to connect with them if you are leaving around Nepal

TaskSewa Registration/Signup

I’m very sure registration of the signup process is not a new thing to any of us. but I’ll still brief you on how to go about it in case it’s your first time signing up on any platform.

All you need to do is follow the following procedures…

-Click hereTaskSewa

-Input the required information, your name, username, date of birth, be sure to fill in accurate details so it will not hinder your payments process.

-Then, click on REGISTER to complete your registration

-make sure you save your username and password in a safe place, so in case you forget you can go back there and check.

TaskSewa LOGIN

For you to be able to login to your TaskSewa dashboard the following are required:-

v  Click here “TaskSewa”. +

v  Input the required information. 

v  Then click on “LOGIN” to move to your dashboard

Referral Program

TaskSewa Review: : Everything You Need To Know About TaskSewa.com  | Legit or Scam?.

 Whenever someone uses your referral links to register, you get a commission from the person payment, whenever a person joins.. 

Payment Methods 

TaskSewa make payment through Khalti, Ime Pay, and Bank

Which country can sign up and get paid on TaskSewa

Well, at the point of my writing this platform the following countries to sign up and get paid: Nepal. so if you see your country’s name here then you are eligible to start catching up from this platform.

TaskSewa Withdrawal | Minimum Withdrawal Amount

At my time of writing  the platform is currently facing withdrawal payment issues. I feel this site is likely to be a scam. I mean,  just like 2 months after starting up and they’re already having payment issues. I haven’t even seen testimonies,  or pictures online on their payment or them paying people.  Well it is still your  choice, I’ll make sure to update this review if the payments issue has been resolved

When Was TaskSewa Founded? | Is TaskSewa legit or a scam?

According toWhois.com  the domain is two months old as at my time of writing. It was founded on 2022-03-24.

TaskSewa owners and founders?

The owners of this platform are not identified yet. Which is a red flag. To me this shows that this is a Shady business and this is likely to be a scam because this shows lack of transparency. I am also curious about this… hopefully, it would be disclosed. But at the time of my writing there is nothing said about the owner or founder of this platform. 

IS TaskSewa LEGIT OR SCAM? | TaskSewa Review

as at my time of writing to be very honest this platform or website is giving the scam energy. it is likely to be a scam! but then I can’t conclude on that but I will leave some green flags and red flags for you to help you make your own decision if you still want to engage with this site.

let me start with the red flag first

1. Duplicate Content: The content present on this website has been copied from other suspicious websites. Also, there are a huge number of other errors. Any legit social earning website will not make such a mistake.

2. No information of the founder: Currently, the founder or owner of TaskSewa or people behind its creation are not known to the public. They have also left no hint in identifying or tracking them. So, no one can accuse or sue them if something bad happens.  

  1. Payment Proof: Well at my time of writing, i have not seen any proof or evidence of payment from the site, But please if you have been paid by the site, please let us know in the comment section, it will really mean a lot to us.
  2. No Proper contact details, Complete work details not found,

The only green flag is at least they appear on google search engine other than that nothing seems genuine on the platform. Please I am not trying to ruin the reputation of this platform like I said in my disclaimer earlier. Well it’s up to you to make your own decision. But the summary of this whole review is that this website is a big scam

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Conclusion on TaskSewa Review: Is TaskSewa legit or scam?

We have come to the final conclusion of this review and I will always say that my own is just to give you a review. I am not the one that will make the decision for you. Well I have given you full red flags and green flags I have reserved on the website that is left to you to make your own decision. Please kindly help us to improve this context by sharing your own experiences, testimony, and all you have witnessed in the west side in the comment section. we would kindly appreciate your comments. Please also kindly subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated and notified anytime we post more reviews. Thank you for Reading.

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