Afriq Arbitrage Review : Here Is Why They Might Be Legit

Afriq Arbitrage Review : Here Is Why They Might Be Legit


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Trust me, one thing I would never do is to fail to update our blog whenever we care for a new site. I believe it is easier to just read a review down to desperately rush into this platform and fall victim to a scam. So I found A new platform that just came out recently and I will give you an honest review concerning it, just read through and don’t skip a line.

Also, if there is any platform you’re quite concerned about if they’re legit or not that we have not written on them you can also ask us about them truth or comment section or email. We will definitely write about it  soon. 

Dear esteemed and valuable visitor, I am glad you are here and you have come to the right place. trust us to never leave you Unsatisfied and indecisive. Now the main reason why you are here, and that is no more about Afriq Arbitrage. Especially, the main question of if the platform is legit or scam. trust me when I say I’ve got you totally covered.

 I just want to tell you that you made the right decision coming here first before venturing on this online platform. because it won’t do me any good to hide the information I’m about to give you now.

Trust me not to disappoint you at all as I will cover a lot of aspects concerning Afriq Arbitrage So you want to know more about Afriq Arbitrage, Such as is Why Afriq Arbitrage Site is not giving Withdrawal?, When Afriq Arbitrage Site Give Withdrawal?, Ways to contact Afriq Arbitrage Site?, Email of Afriq Arbitrage Website?, the green flags before joining the platform, how much do I need to start investing on Afriq Arbitrage?, the Red Flag before joining the platform, if Afriq Arbitrage is legit or scam, is Afriq Arbitrage paying?, Afriq Arbitrage packages or plans, the owner of Afriq Arbitrage?, how to make money on Afriq Arbitrage no and so much more.

Afriq Arbitrage Review : Here Is Why They Might Be Legit 100% EXPOSED TRUTH


Please make sure not to skip any part of the sentence in this Afriq Arbitrage Review , every single part of this article is very vital to help you make a decision on whether you should invest with them or not. so if you skip a part to skip the whole thing. Now let’s get into why we are here immediately….

OVERVIEW ON Afriq Arbitrage | Afriq Arbitrage Review

DATE CREATED: 2022-07-01


AUTHENTICITY: POTENTIALLY LEGIT. (It has the potentials to be a legit site)



About Afriq Arbitrage Site?

Afriq Arbitrage is an automated arbitrage trading platform that uses high frequency Algo to buy crypto assets low in one exchange and sell on other at higher price to leverage the  differences in price for profit” this information is obtained according to the site.

This is an online money making platform which uses Cloud computing servers just like Bitcoin, Gascoine. or rather I will say profitable it is a cloud computing server Project which allows registered members to invest money and earn Returns on the amount invested.

It pays 2.0% return daily to the investors and increases and the community grows. It also has the liquidity pool or customer funds and payment gateway entrust with Binance as they claim! Afriq Arbitrage missions is committed to providing profitable arbitrage trading services to their teeming investors with integrity using cutting edge technology and it’s vision is to touch and helping the nations and changing the world

You can also earn on our platform by sharing your referral link with your friends and family. You will be compensated for every one who registers with them via your link.

How does it work?

Just like other online money making platforms the major way to start investing or participating in the activities of the platform is to sign up or register first.

So to start participating or investing in Afriq Arbitrage all you have to do is sign up on “Afriq Arbitrage“. After you have registered you become a registered member of the platform which gives you full right to access the platform. Once you have completed your registration process you are good to go.

Now after you have registered And successfully signed into the website. To begin to cash out all you need to do is select an investment plan you see on the website, make deposits and start receiving daily Returns based on the amount invested in what investment plan you choose. after becoming a member you earn through trading which means you must have their minimum trading amount or higher amount in order to trade and earn daily roi 2.0% of your trading capital minimum trading amount is 20$ (18k in Nigeria naira in total with deposit charges)

the higher the package you choose the higher the Returns on investment. We have another way of earning on the Sunrun-ng.comAfriq Arbitrage, that is true the referral or affiliate program , that is you share your referral link to family or friends and want anyone to register on the platform using your referral link you get a bonus or commission for each registration made through your link. So you can decide to invite like a thousand people and earn millions. Doesn’t that sound interesting. Please kindly note my disclaimer I am not in any way affiliated to Afriq

 features of Afriq Arbitrage  

  1. Running with ASI: The System constantly scans  all the exchanges using Artificial Super Intelligence ASI, to spot best Arbitrage trade.

It performs the Arbitrage Trade within a minute using High Frequency Trade HFT module

It makes profit, converts it to usdt and returns the same to the liquidity pool in Binance.

It is programmed to do up to 21 trades in a day.

Because the System uses ASI to constantly scan the markets for best possible trade before it makes a trade, the possibility of losses in AAS, ASI/HFT Arbitrage trading is very very very very low.

AAS stands to shock the crypto arbitrage market by its performance.

Worst case the profit may be  small.

  1. Built on Blockchain as they claimed: Built on BlockChain, DEFI, with a Smart Contract and Proof of Liquidity pool in Binance. The way AAS works is very simple to understand. Arbitrage is simply buying low in one market and selling high in another market. In the Crypto ecosystem, this can be done between different exchanges like Binance, Okx, MEXC, Kucoin, houbi, Coinbase, etc.
  1. Availability of liquidity pool 
  2. Smart contract protocol 5.
  3. Trades per day
  4.  24/7 Nonstop trading  

All this are the features investors can make use of on Afriq arbitrage system

Afriq Arbitrage Registration/SIGN UP

to register on this platform you just need this easy steps, what’s your follow these easy steps you are good to go

To become a member of this platform, all you need do is to complete the sign-up process, which I will show you how to do below,

  1. Click here Afriq Arbitrage
  2. Input the required information, your name, username, date of birth, be sure to fill in accurate details so it will not hinder your payments process.
  3. Then, click on REGISTER to complete your registration
  4. make sure you save your username and password in a safe place, so in case you forget you can go back there and check.

How to login on Afriq Arbitrage? | Is Afriq Arbitrage legit or a scam?

to login on the online platform is as easy as the sign up process. All you need to do is

  • Click on the log in
  • Input your username
  • Password
  • Click on login

And Ta-da you are logged in already without difficulties. Sometimes all you have to do is just read simple instructions on this site. Once you have logged in you are able to totally access the site fully. Once you have signed up and logged in you can now choose from the available packages and invest the amount you want to invest on the platform.

When was it launched?

 According to, it was created on the  2022-07-01

, which makes the platform 5 months and some days old at my point of writing this review. which makes the platform a very very new site. What I specifically like about this site is that their domain is intended to last for 7 years according to  the expiration date of site is 2029-07-01

And I will always advise our visitors to always go for all these kinds of new sites because even though the scam or legit at the beginning of their coming up they will still want to look trustworthy and pay their users. it is the first to come first to chop. Even though at the beginning they might seem very legit no one can tell what tomorrow will be.  and no one really knows the real intention of a man.  so even though these are potentially legit or advice you take my advice.

who is the founder or CEO of Afriq Arbitrage system (AAS )

 The platform was founded and developed by a programmer and investor called Jesam Michael in the year 2022 . This alone is even a major Green Flag about this site.  like I mean a site that does not have any information about the owner or CEo  is a potential scam website. Because who is in charge of the site, a robot?  that’s the mistake some of us makes and that make us fall victim to this scamful ones   

Afriq Arbitrage Mode Of Withdrawal 

Just like other online money making platforms which have a withdrawable amount rule. You are eligible to make withdrawal on Afriq Arbitrage once you reach the required withdrawal amount on the platform.  . There are withdrawal limits whatsoever but a minimum balance of $20 should be maintained to avoid loss of your ASS account  and to continue trading circles and profit making .

All you need to do is submit your wallet address along with your withdrawal request after you reach this amount. You Can fill in your local bank details or get paid through PayPal or e-check

Withdrawal is possible at the end of each 24hours circle within 15 a minutes interval before another hours  of circle begins At the end of 15 minutes allowed for withdrawal, the system takes all the available balance (minimum $20) in the investors wallet into the trading pool for another 24 hours trading  circle The appropriate time for withdrawal is determined by noting the exact time of your account activation . For example, if your account is activated by 8:00am your withdrawal timeline should be between 8:00 am to 8:15am daily.  7. who is the founder or CEO of Afriq Arbitrage system (AAS )

Is Afriq Arbitrage Paying?

well based on sparky media thorough research we founded that the platform is currently paying their members and can be pronounced as legitimate platform but doesn’t mean AAS should be trusted 100%

IS Afriq Arbitrage LEGIT? | Afriq Arbitrage Review

Well at my time of writing,  I can’t fully stay if the site is legit.  but then there are some green flags that are observed on the site.  and the major green flag is that the green flags of the site and more than the red flags of the site.

  1.  contact us page found
  2.  evidence of payment proof
  3.  professional theme and design
  4.  owner of the site identified
  5.  domain intends to stay for longer periods of time

IS Afriq Arbitrage SCAM? | Afriq Arbitrage Review.

 I still can’t see if they’re scammers. But the only red flag identified on the site is that and this is due  to my personal bias.  Ponzi scheme.  I really did not like or by the idea of any site that has a ponzi  scheme to get people to get paid.  but then this is the only flag identified on this site.

Conclusion on Afriq Arbitrage Review: Is Afriq Arbitrage legit or scam?

Well we have come to the end and conclusion of the article. I would like to  remind you of this disclaimer that I am not trying to support or bring down the image of this  platform. I am only  writing an honest review on it. well as I said I am not able to actually ascertain if this platform is scam or legit because at least at the time of my writing it is just less than 5 months old and I have left you with red flags and green flags I observed on the website now it is your choice to make if you still want to engage in activities on the platform or not.

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