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Dear esteemed and valuable visitor, I am glad you are here and you have come to the right place. I promise you won’t leave this website Unsatisfied. I know why you are here on this website and that is probably because you have heard about this particular online money making platform and you are indecisive if you should venture on it or not that is you want to know more about called, especially if is legit or scam.

Trust me not to disappoint you at all as I will cover a lot of aspects concerning

So you want to know more, what it is about?, the owner of, the address of, the green flags before joining the platform, the Red Flag before joining the platform, if is legit or scam, is paying?, how to withdraw on, packages or plans, sign up and registration, how much do I need to start investing on, how to make money on and so much more.


So kindly subscribe to our newsletter, so would be usually updating you on legit online money  making  platforms and reviews. Now  enough of the intro briefing let’s get into the actual purpose why we are right here today. We would begin first on searching for the precise overview which will supply you with a perception of what is all about.

Please kindly notice that each and every sentence in this  valid and necessary points. I have taken my time to write this assessment for you, so you would understand if at the end of the day you have to be a part of this on-line money making platform or not. In the meantime kindly note, please do not hold any phase of this article as every line of this article incorporates vivid statistics which will allow you make the proper decision. if you pass over a phase of this article you lose everything.


DATE CREATED: 4th of November 2022




What is

So today I have found an amazing and interesting online money making platform I have been telling you what it’s all about. so today’s review is on Well, this platform is a normal online money making platform. All you need to do is invest the starting amount and cash out big but according to the amount invested.

 Interesting, right? and also you can also earn money from different people through their referral programs. just like your regular Ponzi schemes.

 that is you refer and receive a fair commission whenever you refer. Users will earn 65.6% to 70.03% return on investment for a duration of 4 days 9 days, so the higher investment plan you choose, the higher commission you receive.

How does Work?

So if you want to start investing and cashing out on this app ( and you’re wondering how it actually works I will explain to you. Well, all you have to do is sign up on the website first and become a registered member. you have to visit  and click on the sign up option, fill in your details accurately and please don’t feel wrong information so you would not delay your payment process.

Now after you have registered And successfully signed into the website. To begin to cash out all you need to do is select an investment plan you see on the website, make deposits and start receiving daily Returns based on the amount invested in what investment plan you choose.

Well on the website, there are eight basic investment plans you can choose from. on the website they’re labeled:  plan1, plan 2, plan 3, plan 4,… plan 8. all these plants have various subscription amounts you are to invest with nice daily return offers attached to each of them. So all you have to do is decide carefully and know which one you want to go for.

 The minimum investment plan amount in is 2 thousand naira which is attached to the plan one offer and you will get 68% return on your investment for 4 days.

 so below I’ll be showing you the Investment plans and the return on investment attached to Each of them… investment plans

 the following investment plans are available on the platform

 plan 1

  • 2000 ngn at 42% daily
  •  runs for 4 days
  •  2010 Naira maximum deficits
  •  68% return on investments
  •  25% referral bonus
  •  1% investment bonus

 plan 2

  • 3000 ngn at 35% daily
  • Runs for 5 days
  •  3010 ngn maximum deposits
  •  75% return on investment
  •  25% referral bonus
  •  1% investment bonus

plan 3

  •  5000 ngn at 30.3% daily
  • Runs for 7 days
  •  5010 ngn maximum deposits
  • 112.1% return on investment
  • 25% referral bonus
  •  1% investment bonus

 plan 4

  •  10000 NG NG at 24.29% daily
  • Runs for 7 days
  •  10010 ngn maximum deposit
  •  70.03% return on investment
  •  25% referral bonus
  •  1% investment bonus

  Plan 5

  •  20000 ngn at 18.4% daily
  •  runs for 9 Days
  •  20010 ngn and maximum deposit
  •  65.6% return on investment
  •  25% referral bonus
  •  1% investment bonus Registration/SIGN UP

to register on this platform you just need this easy steps, what’s your follow these easy steps you are good to go

To become a member of this platform, all you need do is to complete the sign-up process, which I will show you how to do below,

  1. Click here
  2. Input the required information, your name, username, date of birth, be sure to fill in accurate details so it will not hinder your payments process.
  3. Then, click on REGISTER to complete your registration
  4. make sure you save in your username and password in a safe place, so in case you forget you can go back there and check.

How to login on | Is legit or a scam?

to login on the online platform is as easy just like the sign up process. All you need to do is

  • Click on the log in
  • Input your username
  • Password
  • Click on login

And Ta-da you are logged in already without difficulties. sometimes all you have to do is just read simple instructions on this sites. Once you have logged in you are able to totally access the site fully. Once you have signed up and logged in you can now choose from the available packages and invest the amount you want to invest on the platform.

When was it launched?

 According to, it was created on the 4th of November 2022, which makes the platform 12 days old at my point of writing this review. which makes the platform a very very new site.

And I will always advise our visitors to always go for all these kinds of new sites because even though the scam or legit at the beginning of their coming up they will still want to look trustworthy and pay their users. it is the first to come first to chop.

Who are owners and founders?

the owners of this platform is all identified yet. Which is a red flag. I will always tell people not to invest on platforms where you don’t know the owners and founders. Cuz they are mostly likely to be a scam using my past experiences. Not think of this it is a problem of a side who do you reach out to. Referral Program

this one shouldn’t be new to you at all. Is just like your regular pyramid Ponzi scheme. I specifically really love that aspect of cashing out from platforms cause all the choirs you to do is to refer people and earn. Which is quite very easy to do especially if you have a lot of people you know.

Once you’re registered to the platform, you will automatically be given your own special referral code. browse the website and you will see in your dashboard your own personal referral code.

 Now if any new member signs up to the platform using your referral code you receive a 25% commission bonus regardless of the investment plan you choose.

Here’s a special tip, you can attract extra referral commission bonus by referring colleagues at work, friends on social media, even YouTube. Withdrawal

Before you can withdraw from this platform, you must be eligible to withdraw. that is you must have satisfied the withdrawal requirements or threshold.

The withdrawal amount on  is 500 Naira for airtime, 750 usdt,754 bank withdrawal. To make a withdrawal you have to actually fill in your withdrawal details. That is the details we would like them to pay you with and that details must match in your information you used to sign in on the website. That is why I advised you earlier to fill in accurate details.

Is Paying?

Well, there is no proof of payment was found online when this review was published. And I personally has not seen any testimony online screenshot or proof of payments as at the time I wrote this article


At my time of writing, I cannot say or ascertain if this platform is legit or scam. what is certain is that I will definitely leave some green flags and red flags are observed on the site to help you make your decisions as to whether you want to stay perform activities on this site or not.

let me start with the green flags first:

Here is my first point, at least I can see that the site, is using an extended SSL certificate which at least makes them a secured website. This means their visitors data is secured. Means your data on the site is safe I’m not being sold to hackers.

at least they have identified with Google, you can easily see them when search for them.

now where’s the red flag observed on the website

when you visit the page the first thing you see is the appearance of the site, the appearance of the site is not quite good. a site that is basically interested in winning the hearts of their visitors would at least make effort in making the appearance of their site, that is the design and the theme of the site professional and creative.

The page does not have a proper contact us and about us page. I can’t see the owner of the website neither can I see where I can make complaint or reach out to the website in case of any issues. Now if you want to complain about delayed payment who would you contact?

The website does not have social media pages, at least at the time of my writing.

I hope with this few red flags and green flags you’ll be able to make a decision if you still want to join this website.

Conclusion on Review: Is legit or scam?

We have finally come to the conclusion of this review and I can gladly say that I have executed my points extensively to help you make the right judgement if you should still embark with this journey on this platform. At my time or writing I haven’t had any testimonies, experiences that i can use to back up my points.

So I can advise you that if you want to venture on you should invest wisely on the platform. Please leave a comment below and help other users know more about the platform. It will also help us to improve this article and help users make right judgement or decisions. Thank you for reading please kindly subscribe to our newsletter to get updated whenever we post.

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