Review : Is Legit or Scam (100% Truth Revealed) Review : Is Legit or Scam (100% Truth Revealed) Review : Is Legit or Scam (100% Truth Revealed) we’ve got you covered, kindly continue reading below.

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Dear esteemed and valuable visitor I am glad you are here and you have come to the right place, I promise you won’t leave this website Unsatisfied. I know why you are here on this website and that is probably because you have heard about this particular online money making platform and you are indecisive if you should venture on it or not that is you want to know more about called, especially if is legit or scam. Trust me not to disappoint you at all as I will cover a lot of aspects concerning

So you want to know more about, what it is about?, the owner of, the address of, the green flags before joining the platform, the Red Flag before joining the platform, if is legit or scam, is paying?, how to withdraw on, packages or plans, sign up and registration, how much do I need to start investing on, how to make money on and so much more.


So basically the most important thing to do or rather the first thing to do is always look for new online money making platforms. There are thousands and millions of online money making platforms which are emerging the internet on a daily basis. And a lot of us for victims of scam because of negligence and ignorance. Please always take out time to check reviews before joining or investing in any online money making platforms, even for products make sure you always look for reviews.

So kindly subscribe to our newsletter, so would be always updating you on legit online making platforms and reviews. Now enough of the intro briefing let’s get into the real reason why we are here today. We would start first on looking at the summary overview which will give you an insight of what is all about.

Please kindly note that every word in this review contains valuable points. I have taken my time to write this review for you, so you would know if at the end of the day you should join this online making platform or not. meanwhile kindly note, please do not keep any part of this article as each line of this article contains vivid information which will enable you make the right decision. if you miss a part of this article you means everything.


DATE CREATED: 2022-10-16




What is | Is legit or a scam?

Before you venture into any online money making platform you have to be very certain of what the platform is all about. This will give you a vivid detail on how to run or perform activities on the online money making platform. It is very important for new users to always find out what the online money making platform is about before venturing. Even though you have already gotten a little knowledge about it still do more research and be certain that you fully know very well about the online money making platform. the launched online money making platform which enables uses two make more profits from the idle reserves. This platform is all about investment. You choose available plans are you invest certain amount of money according to the plan you chose. I believe this system is not new among online money making platforms. This is quite a usual scheme. So basically all you have to do is invest a certain amount of money then wait for Returns or use on the amount you have invested. The higher you Invest on the platform the higher the return basically the rule of all this trending new online money making platforms and is not exempted.

also you can actually ends from this platform through referral or affiliate tasks or programs. Just like your regular Ponzi scheme whenever you refer someone to the platform using your link you get a commission or bonus from the site. For me whenever I hear Ponzi scheme method on any online money making platform I usually have a feeling that it will soon Crash, that’s just my personal opinion. So it’s safe to join all this kind of platform as early as possible before it crashes.

How Does work?

It is very easy to invest and perform tasks on As a newly registered member or if you want to register that is the first step to get started on, you’ll be required to visit their official website (, complete your registration procedures then wish I will also brief you on how to go about it as we go on on this article, once you have registered, you are good to go.

So here’s the fun fact once you have registered once you register on, you get rewarded with a free signup bonus of 600 and the platform immediately let’s you start investing on any of their investment plans and getting returns daily on your investment within a specified period of time on the platform especially by 12:00 p.m. so basically the minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 naira.

As a newly registered member on, before you can start receiving yields, you’ll have to make deposit according to the plan you chose on the platform to start earning daily profit. The minimum deposit amount on is N2,500.

the higher the package you choose the higher the Returns on investment. we have another way of earning on the, that is true the referral or affiliate program aka your usual known Ponzi scheme!!! Lol> that is you share your referral link to family or friends and want anyone registers on the platform using your referral link you get a bonus or commission for each registration made through your link. So you can decide to invite like a thousand Persons and earn millions. Doesn’t that sound interesting. Please kindly note my disclaimer I am not in any way affiliated to Registration/Signup

To Register/Signup on, follow the steps given below;

  1. Click here
  2. Input the required information
  3. Then, click on REGISTER to complete your registration

How to login on | Is legit or a scam?

to login on the online platform is as easy just like the sign up process. All you need to do is

  • Click on the log in
  • Input your username
  • Password
  • Click on login

And Ta-da you are logged in already without difficulties. sometimes all you have to do is just read simple instructions on this sites. Once you have logged in you are able to totally access the site fully. Once you have signed up and logged in you can now choose from the available packages and invest the amount you want to invest on the platform.

How To Earn In

There are basically two simple methods and on this platform one is free and one is not free. The one that deals with you investing in their available packages as we all know is not the free option meanwhile the one that enables us and through referral is the free option on how to earn on Below are the Investment plans… investment plans

Mobile Power-A
10% daily
2500 invest
250 daily earning
22500 Total earning

Mobile Power-B
12% daily
8000 invest
960 daily earning
86400 Total earning

Mobile Power-C
13% daily
20000 invest
2600 daily earning
234000 Total earning

Mobile Power-D
14% daily
60000 invest
8400 daily earning
756000 Total earning

Mobile Power-E
15% daily
150000 invest
22500 daily earning
2025000 Total earning

Mobile Power-F
16.5% daily
300000 invest
49500 daily earning
445000 Total earning

Mobile Power-G
18% daily
500000 invest
90000 daily earning
8100000 Total earning

Mobile Power-H
20% daily
1000000 invest
200000 daily earning
18000000 Total earning Referral/Affiliate Program

Another cool and interesting way of earning from is through their referral or affiliate program as I have briefed you earlier above that is., by inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link.

You can also post your referral link on social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram and once any stranger who doesn’t even know you registered with your link you get a free bonus or commission., the platform rewards you with a commission of 15% of your referral earnings.

If you are popular or have a public figure you can also share it with your fans and enlighten them about it and once they register you get a bonus. Withdrawal | Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Just like other online money making platforms which has withdrawable amount rule. You are eligible to make withdrawal on once you reach the required withdrawal amount on the platform.  

The minimum withdrawal amount on as discussed earlier above is N1,000. All you need to do is to provide your account details to the platform and request for withdrawal. it is very simple and easy to do. owners and founders?

Well at the time of my writing, there has been no proof of the owner and founders of which is really poor of a new site that is still trying to gain the trust of its users and it is one of the red flags of the online money making platform ( Like how can a site not state its owner or founders and expect people to invest, that’s really too bad of them. This is why people fall victims of not legit online money making platform. like I always say I am not trying to down flag this platform neither am I trying to praise them.

I am not saying the site is 100% a scam for I am just letting you know that one of the things you should find out before investing on any online money making platform is the ‘about us page’, ‘the founders’, ‘contact us’, so at least you will know who is responsible in case the site crashes one day.

When Was Founded? | Is legit or a scam?

Based on the online investment platform was created 16th October, 2022. Which means at the point of my writing they are less than ONE month old.

Is Paying?

No proof of payment was found online when this review was published. And I personally has not seen any testimony online screenshot or proof of payments as at the time I wrote this article.

IS LEGIT? | Review

To be very honest I cannot ascertain if this online money making platform is legit yet because they have been no proof or whatsoever that they are legit as at the time of my writing. But I will always advise you to invest and amount you can spare incase or in case it is such as the site crashing one day. Meanwhile I noticed some red flags on the site. And I’m saying red flags are personally noticed on the site. I wouldn’t clearly states with this red flags that the site is a scam because I have no proof, neither do I have a proof that the site is legit.

please if you think this online money making platform is legit and you have had personal experiences or you know a friend who has being paid by the side please kindly leave a comment below to help us improve this review and help other users make good decisions.

IS SCAM? | Review.

Anyways this is a newly launched online money making platform. And this would make it hard to tell if it is a scam or not. Let’s give it time and see if there will be any updates concerning the site I would always make sure to update you guys. Meanwhile at the time being busy at the Red flags I observed in the site.

Red flags of observed on

1.The Owner of not found

2. Ponzi Scheme features. To be very honest Ponzi scheme programs are likely to crash from my past experiences.

3. No payment proof or testimonies

4. Contact us, about us page not well detailed.

Conclusion on Review: Is legit or scam?

We have finally come to the conclusion of this review and I can gladly say that I have executed my points extensively to help you make the right judgement if you should still embark with this journey on this platform. At my time or writing I haven’t had any testimonies, experiences that i can use to back up my points.

So I can advise you that if you want to venture on you should invest wisely on the platform. Please leave a comment below and help other users know more about the platform. It will also help us to improve this article and help users make right judgement or decisions. Thank you for reading please kindly subscribe to our newsletter to get updated whenever we post.

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