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Dear esteemed visitor, I know why you are here today and that is to find out if this online money making platform is legit or not. I will make sure I cover a lot of areas about this platform as much as possible.

So you want to know more about Primegold-ng, what it is about?, the owner of Primegold-ng?, the address of Primegold-ng, the green flags before joining the platform, the Red Flag before joining the platform, if Primegold-ng is legit or scam, is Primegold-ng paying?, how to withdraw on Primegold-ng?, Primegold-ng packages or plans, Primegold-ng sign up and registration, how much do I need to start investing on Primegold-ng?, how to make money on Primegold-ng and so much more.

I have taken my time to write this review for you, so you would know if at the end of the day you should join this online making platform or not. meanwhile kindly note, please do not keep any part of this article as each line of this article contains vivid information which will enable you make the right decision. if you miss a part of this article you means everything.


To be honest a lot of online making platforms are just emerging the internet day by day and WE, who are really desperate to make online investments in order to earn a side income fall into traps of some of the not legit ones, that is why I would advise that you should always read reviews about any online making platform before you join them.

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DATE CREATED: 2022-08-09




What is | Is legit or a scam?

Firstly let’s start with what is The most essential part is knowing fully well what this online making platform is all about, it is essential for both that ready knows about the platform and those who are here to find out what the platform is about.

Well, is all about selling gold, that is, it is a gold trading platform. Basically, allows its users or visitors to make money by selling and buying gold online. Just like crypto that you have to sell crypto coins. In Primegold-ng, all you basically have to do is trade gold. Just like other Ponzi schemes you can also make money on this platform by referring family and friends to join the website using your referral link.

The higher the gold you buy or invest in higher the income you receive. that is the rule of the platform. like you know how you buy gold offline on this platform you buy gold online.

How does work

Just like other online money making platforms the major way to start investing or participating in the activities of the platform is to sign up or register first.

So to start participating or investing in Primegold-ng all you have to do is sign up on ““. after you have registered you become a registered member of the platform which gives you full right to access the platform. once you have completed your registration process you are good to go.

After you have registered the platform offers you 500 Naira sign up bonus, to welcome you as a new member. remember that I said earlier that the platform is all about buying and selling gold. So therefore once you have registered, the next step is you will see several plans or available plans for you.

You choose the most suitable plan for yourself then you deposit funds according to the plan you have chosen then the next step is to pay to the account number on the website then send a proof of payment by screenshotting the money you have sent for verification once they have verified you you will be given a code. That code gives you the right to start earning daily profit according to the plan you chose.

And like I said earlier you can also earn through your referral link. you earn a bonus or commission each time someone registers to the platform using your link. REGISTRATION/SIGNUP | Review

It is very very simple to sign up or register on this platform. all you have to do is take the following steps

  1. Visit the website
  2. You will see sign up it is not hideous at all
  3. Click on sign up.
  4. Input the details needed.
  5. Verify your email address
  6. Then Click on register

what’s your signed up, you can access the site. now to login once you are signed up you take the following steps below

How to login on | Is legit or a scam?

to login on the online platform is as easy just like the sign up process

  • Click on the log in
  • Input your username
  • Password
  • Click on login

And boom you are logged in already without any stress. sometimes all you have to do is just read simple instructions.

How To Earn In

Also it is very quiet easy to earn on Primegold-ng but it is not free at all unless you are earning through the referral or affiliate process. after you have signed up on prime good and you will receive 500 naira free sign up bonus as a welcome package. then you will choose the plan you want to go for.

the Investment plans are as below:

investment plan on

Plan 1:

  • Invest ₦3000
  • Daily Income ₦840
  • Total Income ₦4200
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 2:

  • Invest ₦5,000
  • Daily Income ₦1400
  • Total Income ₦7000
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 3:

  • Invest ₦10,000
  • Daily Income ₦2,800
  • Total Income ₦14000
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 4:

  • Invest ₦15,000
  • Daily Income ₦4,200
  • Total Income ₦21000
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 5:

  • Invest ₦20,000
  • Daily Income ₦5600
  • Total Income ₦28,000
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 6:

  • Invest ₦25,000
  • Daily Income ₦7,000
  • Total Income ₦35000
  • Valid for 5days

Plan 7:

  • Invest  ₦30,000
  • Daily Income ₦8,400
  • Total Income ₦42000
  • Valid for 5days

All you have to do is pick a plan so that both list and start buying and selling gold. you can also earn by doing the affiliate or referral program which are discussed below

Affiliate / Referral Program on

Another way of earning money through this platform without investing or buying or selling gold is through the referral or affiliate program method.

once you have signed up on this platform you receive your own personal referral link, with this link your friends or family can join the The Platform. once they have registered using your link you receive a bonus or commission.

you can also learn through this referral process by sharing your link on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and once anybody, even though they don’t know you registers through your link you receive a bonus. Withdraw Method | Review

To withdraw on this platform, you must be eligible to withdraw. that is you are eligible to redraw once you have reached the withdrawal amount as stated in the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on this platform is 3,000 Naira so all you have to do is provide the site with your account details and payment will be made to you within the next 24 hours 48 hours in case of delay. owners and founders?

Well at the time of my writing, there has been no proof of the owner and founders of which is quite terrifying and is one of the red flags of the online money making platform. Like how can a site not state its owner or founders and expect people to invest. This is why people fall victims of not legit online money making platform.

I am not saying the site is 100% a scam for I am just letting you know that one of the things you should find out before investing on any online money making platform is the ‘about us page’, ‘the founders’, ‘contact us’, so at least you will know who is responsible in case the site crashes one day.

When Was Founded? | Is legit or a scam?

Based on the online investment platform was created 9th August, 2022. Which means at the point of my writing they are ONE year old.

IS LEGIT? | Review

Well at my time of writing I cannot ascertain if Prime is legit. as I have not had any personal experience with them either have I heard any testimony from friends or family or colleagues. but then to a far I haven’t seen any proof of payment from the site on the internet. so you can make your judgement if you still want to invest on this site.

Just make sure you are very careful and you invest and amount you know you can spare in case they’re actually scam. meanwhile I noticed a lot of red flags about the site. please if you think this online money making platform is legit and you have had personal experiences or you know a friend who has being paid by the side please kindly leave a comment below to help us improve this review and help other users make good decisions.

IS SCAM? | Review

just like I can’t answer tell if it is legit I also can’t ascertain if it is a scam. But for a fact I have observed at least 3 to 4 red flags on this site. please if you have fallen a victim of scam on this platform kindly leave a comment below to help us improve this review and help other visitors make the right decisions.

Red flags noticed on

  1. Payment Proof

One thing you should check or find out about before investing on any online money making platform is if you have seen any payment proof on the internet. if you have seen anybody posting that they have been paid through the site. Don’t go and be a scapegoat because you are trying to be the first person to try it out.

2. Who is The Owner of not found

Currently, the founder or owner of Transocean or people behind it’s creation are not known to the public. They have also left no hint in identifying or tracking them. So, no one can accuse or sue them if something bad happens. This is a very bad signal. Who are we to blame if anything goes wrong in the website.

3. Ponzi Scheme

I personally regard Nigerian Ponzi scheme as not genuine maybe some. According to, A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam which generates returns for earlier investors with money taken from later investors

3. Status of the site is still new: Based on the online investment platform was created 9th August, 2022. Which means at the point of my writing they are less than a month years old.

Although i have not heard any reports that anyone had been scammed using the platform. Well at my time of writing I am not able to clearly ascertain if they are legit. I have not had any personal encounter with them neither have I heard reviews or testimonies about them from family or friends, so i can not ascertain.

But we few of my points about them i am sure you will be able to make good decisions on whether you should invest with them or not, I will also advise you mot to invest an amount that you cannot spare in case of the platform crashing.

We have come to an end of this Review.

Conclusion on Review: Is legit or scam?

finally we have come to the end of this review. I am certain that I have written extensively on everything you need to know before joining or investing on I hope that from all I have written you are now able to make the right judgement. Like I will always say always check if the domain name is spelt correctly, if the site is new, check the about us page, the contact us page and see if they are there before investing.

Kindly leave a comment on your suggestions, opinions, testimonies blow. Thank you for reading.

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